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    • An intuitive user interface with a progress bar allows anyone to easily manage Autolign within 30 minutes.
    • Setup in 5 minutes provides instant consultation and virtual setup.
    • Significantly reduces the simulation and design time of an accurate leveler by using the world’s first real-time collision detection technology.

    Function Automatic alignment / Automatic pressing/ Automatic contact

    provides automatic tooth movement and real-time display of overlapping distances.

    Automatic Alignment (MX/MD)

    • Automatic alignment of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw based on the template.
    • One-click automatic alignment function (for both non-extraction and extraction cases)

    Automatic push

    • Automatically detects any collision with a neighboring tooth and pushes it away.
    • Automatically detects collisions and pushes away adjacent teeth.

    Automatic contact

    • Automatically detects any collision and bounces to come into contact with the adjacent tooth.
    • It is easy to remove the distance between teeth by simply dragging the selected tooth onto the adjacent tooth.

    Provides powerful functions for data storage, diagnostics, consulting and device manufacturing.

    Data storage

    • Patient Database
    • Edit Grid | Create Model Database | Create Training Model


    • Automatic model analysis (tooth width | Bolton coefficient | ALD)
    • Overlay Tools (Dimension | Symmetrical Line/Grid)

    Modeling and consulting

    • 3D setup (multiple settings, layering)
    • 3D animation
    • Overlay

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