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    Allows you to conduct a complete analysis of a clinical case, plan treatment in 3D, create a virtual model with a simulation of treatment, discuss a treatment plan with the patient and send to the laboratory a task for the manufacture of a tool for alignment of the dentition (VSD aligners, mouthguards for indirect bonding, manufacture of individual arches, manufacture of individual removable orthodontic devices).

    Competitive advantages

    • Less time in the dentist’s chair. Digital impression in 5 minutes Start, stop and restart scanning from any position in automatic mode
    • High-quality color transmission improves communication with the patient
    • Automatic detection of your patient’s bite in real time
    • Saving space, time and money. Clinical cases and patient prints in digital archives. It takes 17 m2 to store 1000 plaster models

    Full analysis of clinical cases

    • The ability to combine KLKT scans with digital models Combine digital color prints with KLKT scans.
    • 2D Image Overlay The ability to combine different types of 2D images, such as patient photographs, X-ray panoramic images and cephalometric drawings with 3D models.
    • The orthodontic set of tools for 2D and 3D analysis Makes it easy to analyze arc shapes, vertical and horizontal overlap, Bolton norms, occlusion and space.
    • Discuss treatment plans with your clients Discuss treatment plans with your clients by showing the patient his clinical picture on the screen, as well as exchanging data with the laboratory online via 3Shape Communicate™.

    Simplicity and ease of planning in 3D

    • Simulation of orthodontic treatment,
      which includes tooth extraction, introximal excision of enamel, restriction and detailed study of tooth movement.
    • Real-time occlusion optimization
      Instant evaluation of the proposed treatment using a virtual articulator.
    • Individual selection of a treatment plan
      Export of stages of the treatment plan for the manufacture of structures. Virtual placement of braces for easy subsequent installation.

    Simple monitoring of the course of treatment

    The possibility of scanning the patient’s teeth during treatment and virtual removal of braces, which allows you to compare the real situation with the treatment plan and provide the right direction of the treatment process.

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