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    Creating individual strategies

    The hyperDENT  cracked patch® strategy Generator module allows you to create customized machining strategies for all types of parts, which can later be tested in a solid-state simulation. Thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface, an experienced CAM user can create and change processing strategies (i.e., cutting modes, tools, milling tasks). To change basic parameters, such as cutting modes, hyperDENT crack ® recommends the Strategy Generator module Lite version with limited access to changeable parameters.

    Milling of implants and various geometries

    With the help of the hyperDENT® Implant Module full crack software, individual abutments, bridges and beams can be made of round blanks. With smart categorization, only one master strategy is required for all systems. The module also includes a library of replaced interface geometries for the most common implant system, which can be connected to the corresponding geometry library in CAD. Despite possible inaccuracies in the loaded systems, an automated geometry replacement mechanism ensures the manufacture of high-precision parts.

    Hybrid production of dental structures

    The hyperDENT ® hybrid module avtivated full crack allows you to combine additive and subtractive technologies in one workflow. Complex geometries, internal cavities and dental structures that previously could not be performed by milling can be manufactured with very high quality using minimal material. Automated work processes such as optimal placement on the platform, creation of support structures or creation of allowances in areas for post milling are an All-In-One solution.

    Manufacturing of complete removable dentures

    The hyperDENT® Prosthesis module crack 2022 provides digital prosthetic manufacturing with less processing time compared to the analog process. hyperDENT® is one of the first software CAM systems to provide this solution as an automated workflow. With the help of the Prosthesis Module, you can create various workflow options, such as a fully installed dentition or pre-formed dental pockets. Interfaces for various CAD systems are available, guaranteeing ease of use.

    Grinding of glass ceramics

    The grinding module provides grinding of glass ceramics using special strategies to create tool trajectories. If possible, the full diameter and effective length of the tool are used to increase the service life of the tool and ensure high process stability.

    User Interface

    Simplified user manual. The calculation can be performed in just three steps, and the standard user interface always displays the current state of the calculation (Practicelab, Compact). An extended guide for professionals. With the Classic user interface, advanced users have all the features and can use the full functionality of hyperDENT® cracked 2022.

    Smart selection of workpieces

    hyperDENT® Practicelab automatically determines the workpieces needed for processing and offers it in a dialog box, including all known parameters such as the size of the structure and material.

    Automatic placement of structures and configuration of connectors

    The optimal placement of structures to be milled occurs immediately after the selection of the workpiece. Automatic tilt or rotation of the structure in accordance with the mechanical capabilities of the machine. At the same time, the connector will be installed using the default parameters.

    Individual milling output and milling activation (MachineConnect)

    The milling process can already be activated on the machine during the calculation of tool trajectories. Direct communication between hyperDENT® MachineConnect and the machine checks the current status and appropriate actions are taken. The scope of possibilities depends on the machine.

    Milling of prefab (premill) workpieces

    Milling of prefab (premill) workpieces is also possible without the use of the hyperDENT® Implant Module crack (4 and 5-axis milling in a closed holder or 5-axis synchronous milling). Using different milling strategies in different parts of the abutment guarantees optimal surface quality. The required blank is automatically selected due to the configured database, saves time and prevents errors.

    Custom areas

    By creating custom areas, you can achieve a high degree of flexibility by using certain strategies and tools. Categorization of user areas allows you to use many features of the program (for example, individual milling of residual material) even when using the same design (available in hyperDENT® Classic).

    Connector and stabilizer for synterization

    Connector and stabilizer profiles for synterization for each design with special requirements. The shape and position can be edited individually. The algorithm of the optimized connector arrangement guarantees a fast and easy workflow, and also facilitates the calculation of the tool path.

    Hole milling

    With hyperDENT®, it is possible to process any possible holes with any processing cycles. With the help of a smart categorization function, processing of several holes can occur on the same structure.

    Interfaces of implants in CAD

    hyperDENT® has implant interfaces for CAD from 3Shape, DentalWings and Exocad. The entire workflow can be simplified by using CAD data in hyperDENT®. You can also run hyperDENT® directly from 3Shape and open data directly from hyperDENT®.

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