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    More about 3Shape Dental System 2022 cracked software

    The new software provides optimized integrated work processes based on artificial intelligence for the most popular and profitable services, such as removable partial and full dentures, bridges on implants, dentures, crowns and bridges, transparent aligners and much more.

    Dental System 2022 crack uses artificial intelligence technology to eliminate cumbersome tasks in the workflow, such as segmentation of teeth, adjustment of the occlusal plane and much more.

    The new software also ensures close integration of technical specialists with 3Shape Automate— the world’s first service for designing monolithic molar and premolar crowns based on artificial intelligence. Technicians can use Automate to cope with peak load periods and oversupply of orders.

    With Dental System 2022 cracked full version, 3Shape takes another step in solving the everyday tasks that laboratory technicians face. This new version is designed to allow technicians to work more efficiently and get high-quality results with minimal costs.

    Key Features of Dental System 2022:

    • Improved performance and aesthetics due to improved bridge prosthesis design on implants
    • Full and partial prosthetic design using the same workflow and productivity tools
    • Artificial intelligence technology to eliminate such stages of the workflow as segmentation of teeth and pre-installation of the occlusal plane.
    • Pre-installed integration with 3Shape Automate allows you to upload, download and make changes to 3Shape
    • Automate projects.
    • A much clearer image with the “Enhance Detail” setting in E4 laboratory scanners.

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