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    More about DentiqGuide 2022 (build 1.3.05) cracked software

    The Dentig Guide program crack has planned a surgical template for the application of the Simple Guide Plus system. DentiQ Guide Planner is a convenient, intuitive software in which you can plan a surgical template in just 20 minutes. And the Simple Guide Plus digital navigation system can be used with implants from any manufacturer. We chose the One-SL implantation system from DENTIS.

    Main Function DentigGuide 1.3.05 crack version

    1) Simulation
    The user can plan the position of implant placement through simulation using fixture and crown
    model after checking the shape of alveolar bone on CT image.

    2) Guide Design
    The user can design surgical guides to help actual implant surgery based on implant simulation.

    3) Temporary Crown Design
    The user can design temporary crown which is used before the permanent crown is placed.

    Screen Layout in Dentig Guide cracked version 2022 year

    1) Dental Manager
    The user can manage the list of patients/cases and provide environment settings menu.

    1 Menu Display available menu for Dental Manager
    2 Sub-menu/Category Display sub-menu or categories of selected menu
    3 Details Display detailed information for sub-menu or category
    4 Program Control Menu Display help/minimize, maximize/close icons

    2) Case Workflow
    The program provides case workflow stages and tools.

    1 Case Workflow Title Display title of current workflow stage
    2 Select Area Select and displays the area to work on
    3 Tools Provide toolbar required in the stage
    4 Case Workflow Stage Display possible workflow stage and move to other stage
    5 Visualization Optionsand Additional features. Provide data visualization options and additional features
    6 Data Display Displays currently used data

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