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    More about CEREC SW 5.2.2 cracked software

    The CEREC SW 5.2.2 program crack  is designed to create optical impressions of jaws with teeth, with part of teeth or without teeth. Digital models of the jaw are created based on optical casts in CEREC SW 5.2.2 2022 cracked version

    With CEREC SW 5.2.2 cracked 2022 version, you can create the following constructions:

    • restorations based on teeth
    • restorations based on implants
    • Drilling patterns
    • orthopedic jaw devices
    • Accessories

    These designs can be exported for the manufacture of dental materials.Optical casts, digital models and designs can be imported and exported for further processing.

    Indications of the following subdomain of dentistry:

    • restorative dentistry
    • Implantology
    • Maxillofacial orthopedics

    New in the program CEREC SW 5.2.2 cracked latest version

    New screen format

    The new CEREC Primescan AC / Primescan AC /CEREC Omnicam AC / Omnicam AC shooting unit uses a new screen resolution. Thanks to the wide 16:9 format, you get more space for precise work with the model and restorations. The tool windows can be made larger, in particular the 3D preview can be made especially large.

    New management features

    Touch functions

    The CEREC SW 5 program crack is compatible with touch input devices. This means that you can perform all the functions by pressing your finger on the screen.You can control the application without restrictions alternately with the touch screen and using the touchpad /ball manipulator.Some functions can only be used with the help of a ball manipulator. In such cases, a note is provided in the relevant chapters

    Processing of a 3D model with Multi-Touch technology

    It is possible to process a 3D model using Multi-Touch technology


    As a rule, a touchpad is installed in the CEREC Primescan AC / PrimescanAC / CEREC Omnicam AC / Omnicam AC shooting unit.You can move the mouse pointer across the screen by moving the finger along the built-in horizontal surface. This device has all the usual functions of a regular mouse.

    Ball manipulator

    Or you can order a model with a built-in ball manipulator. With it, you can also use the mouse pointer pointer pointer pointer, as well as enter finger data directly on the touch screen.

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