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    DWOS dental software was developed by a well-known Canadian company and is in demand due to its versatility. In addition to the full set of functions, the program is compatible with most models of dental 3D scanners – this is convenient if equipment of different brands is used in the equipment.

    In fact, the software consists of several applications that allow you to perform a full range of work for modeling implants and dental templates, analyzing scanned data, including measurements, and sharing them with other specialists and libraries.

    The main feature of this software is full architectural openness – when you purchase this software, you will automatically have unlimited access to the services and services of the partners of the developer company.

    Initially, the DWOS platform was intended for completing Dental Wings 3D scanners, but today it is a full-fledged CAD product, the capabilities of which can be significantly expanded thanks to the add-on of certain modules. In our online store you can buy cheap the best licensed dental software to increase the productivity of the clinic and improve the quality of service.

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