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    Implant Studio crack™ supports the entire spectrum of implantation treatment, providing each individual type of treatment with a specially designed workflow. the process. Based on the achievement of the aesthetic effect of the final restoration, the planning process takes into account the existing bone and the overall clinical picture, increasing the predictability of treatment and improving its final result.

    A template based on teeth
    With the help of templates with an emphasis on teeth, it is possible to perform an operation to install both one and several implants. In cases where access is restricted, as during operations with an end defect, the use of a template can provide the necessary stability.

    Implantation with immediate loading
    Use diagnostic tools to determine whether an implantation with an immediate load is suitable for a specific case. Virtually remove the teeth and place the implants, then simulate the template and restorations for the operation in one step.

    Treatment with complete adentia
    In the treatment of complete or partial adentia, planning can be carried out using standard protocols, including the “Strategic ” Strategy of using two scans.” If conditions allow, a temporary bridge can be prepared even before the operation.

    changes in the workflow 3shape Unite Implant Studio 2022 cracked full version

    Open information

    Upload the open format of the CBCT scan and the surface scan. Get surface scans from 3Shape TRIOS®, from other third-party scanners and from your laboratory.

    Placement of virtual crowns

    As a planning guide, arrange virtual crowns, thus achieving high results in both aesthetics and functionality.

    Planning the optimal placement of implants

    To install implants in virtual mode taking into account the clinical situation, including prosthetics, bone density and nerve location.

    Modeling of a surgical template

    Easily create the design of surgical templates based on the location of the implants and the scan of the surface.

    Creation of prosthetics components

    Using the placement of implants, dental technicians can model and produce a wide range of prosthetics components in Dental System™ full crack.

    Performing the operation in one step

    Get a complete package, including surgical templates and prosthetics components, and perform the operation in one go.

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