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OnDemand3D software 2021 dongle crack

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    about OnDemand3D software 2021 dongle crack

    OnDemand3D™ is an effective software for visualization, evaluation, presentation and documentation of 3D scans.


    Mastery of 3D diagnostics


    ·      OnDemand3D ™ is a comprehensive solution for visualization, evaluation, presentation and documentation of 3D data obtained using KaVo tomographs

    ·      OnDemand3D ™ is an exhaustive library of implants

    ·      OnDemand3D ™ is a high-performance software for any radiological tasks in dentistry

    ·      OnDemand3D ™ Dental


    The OnDemand3DDental application is designed to perform basic diagnostics and planning of dental implantation.


    OnDemand3D Dental includes the following modules:


    ·      DBM module – Database administration

    ·      Dynamic Light Box Module – Dynamic Negatoscope

    ·      Dental module – a special module for dentistry

    ·      Module for planning dental implantation

    ·      The Quick Report module is a special module for creating radiological reports

    ·      OnDemand ™ software is fully compatible with DICOM data (including DICOM printing)


    Features OnDemand3D :


    Dynamic Negatoscope (Dynamic Lightbox)

    Dynamic Lightbox provides fast viewing of 3D images. In addition, this module allows you to create a video containing images of sections passing along any of the selected axes. Subsequently, such a microfilm can be reproduced using most standard programs for viewing video files.


    Dental Volumetric Reformat (DVR)

    The DVR module provides special dental images in 3D mode: tomographic images, cross-sections, tomograms for TMJ analysis and 3D visualization of anatomical structures (volumetric rendering).


    Dental (Dental module)

    The Dental module offers most of the tools of the DVR module, with the difference that its use is greatly simplified by limiting the number of basic functions. However, special functions are provided in Dental, for example, 3D Zoom to increase the three-dimensional image.


    Planning of dental implantation

    The dental implantation planning function is part of the DVR and Dental modules. The program offers a wide selection of dental implants from different manufacturers. Implantology surgeons can set and save their own parameters of dental implants. Visualization of bone tissue, measurement of its density, estimation of the distance from the implant to the mandibular canal are just a few examples of the functions offered by the program.


    Bilateral TMJ Module


    The analysis module of the temporomandibular joint forms a two-way display of the cross sections of the patient’s TMJ and provides an adapted display of the TMJ for its assessment, evaluation of changes and preparation of a treatment plan.


    3D Module

    The 3D module provides excellent three-dimensional visualization, segmentation and a variety of analytical functions. Thanks to this part of the software, it is possible to visualize small details, while the 3D Zoom function guarantees their increase to the required size. 3D data is also used to obtain models of surfaces and their superposition on each other. This feature combines CAD/CAM technology with three-dimensional volumetric tomography.


    Virtual X-rays

    This module allows you to obtain panoramic X-ray images, i.e. lateral (lateral) and frontal (anterior) telerentgenograms (TRG). Thus, traditional 2D diagnostics is combined with modern 3D tomography. Due to the possibility of using an individual 3D image for various purposes, the patient is not exposed to radiation several times.


    Quick Report

    The module is used to get a printed report in the shortest possible time. Just a few mouse clicks – and all possible types of images are integrated into a report that can not only be printed, but also stored in a database in digital format. 

    In addition, a quick report activates all the functionality of the DICOM printing service.


    X-ray report (X-report)

    The X-report module is a powerful tool that helps to form surgical templates based on the data of each individual patient at the touch of a button. In a word, customized and standardized surgical reports can be created with truly lightning speed!


    Fusion Module

    The Fusion module is an optional module for combining two three-dimensional images, it also has the option of differential analysis. The combination of two three-dimensional images can be used to obtain a larger field of view during complex diagnostics and treatment planning. In addition, differential analysis simplifies the assessment of the healing process by comparing the clinical situation before and after treatment. Of course, at the same time, the patient can clearly see all the changes that have occurred over a certain period of time.


    3D Ceph Module

    Telerentgenographic analysis performed in 3D mode is an important tool in orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. Thanks to this innovative technology, the parameters needed by the doctor can be determined with great accuracy and reliability. In addition, the 3D Ceph module provides the possibility of individual analysis: the points, lines and angles necessary for analysis can be set by the doctor independently and then used for calculations of three-dimensional analysis. In addition to the modules included in the OnDemand3D App and OnDemand 3D Dental applications, additional programs are also provided in the software.


    OnDemand3D Server

    OnDemand3D Server is an independent program using a high-performance SQL database. Each OnDemand3D Dental workstation can be connected to OnDemand3D Server, while the program offers the ability to configure rights individually for each user.


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