CEREC SW software 2021 dongle crack

CEREC SW software 2021 dongle crack

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    The new CEREC 2021 software crack uses artificial intelligence in the design of restorations to improve usability and productivity. Due to the high level of automation, a minimum amount of information is required. Features such as the optimized workflow of CEREC Guide save you time and allow you to start making restorations faster.


    A new generation of software: CEREC 5 software crack 2021 artificial intelligence makes it possible to improve the initial model proposals and offer individual restorations at the patient’s chair. This saves time and allows you to move to manufacturing faster. You get the benefits of a visual, clearly structured and visually attractive user interface controlled by a touch screen or touch panel.


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    Final restoration in 5 mouse clicks. The optimized user interface with a well-structured menu is very easy to manage. The visual organization of dialog boxes provides fast navigation, and the software automatically skips any unnecessary steps of the workflow.


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    CEREC 5’s next-generation artificial intelligence calculates the initial offer better than ever. Based on the scanning data, artificial intelligence optimally calculates the axis of the model, the boundaries of the preparation and the primary restoration options. Thanks to all this, you can fully focus on your patient.


    • Flexibly and over the network

    The function of exporting and importing restoration data in DXF format creates a reliable connection with the InLab software of your laboratory. Direct uploading of scan data

    and models from CEREC software to Connect Case Center makes collaboration with the laboratory much easier. Exporting scan data to an open STL format ensures the versatility of workflows and readings.