RealGuide 2020 crack

RealGuide crack 2020

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    About RealGuide

    Using a virtual cloud patient file, this cracked software enables the free exchange of data between general dentists, specialist dentists (orthodontists, oral surgeons, etc.), laboratory technicians and the patient, and visualizes all data on computers, tablets or smartphones. This means that the clinical case is shared not only with everyone involved in the treatment, but also with the patient himself.

    Benefits of the RealGuide

    The Real GUIDE® app system offers a complete set-up of 3D diagnostic functions and an exciting 3D image quality through Real BODY Engine, a digital 3D image export for the patient (free download), full integration between STL / DICOM and the Compatibility with all implant systems (complete library including prosthetic parts). So it is possible to plan implants with one tap. Direct communication with the laboratory enables the drilling template to be created directly. All open CAD / CAM software systems (exocad, 3Shape, DWOS) for prosthetic design and manufacturing can be integrated.

    Unique selling points

    Other unique selling points are an integrated documentation module, the real-time order status display for the app, the sending of case studies for review to colleagues, user groups, the sharing of case studies with all colleagues at the same time, corresponding feedback via the shared chat system, the sharing of cases with colleagues and Students (free download for visualization and communication), the sharing of information with selected specialists for patient monitoring, the anonymization of cases for the purpose of online training or seminars, the sharing of cases with the patient (images, planning, … – no chat), the simple communication via app on smartphones and tablets, the easy-to-use user interface (even for inexperienced users) and patient recall / follow-up via app notification.

    Cracked RealGuide new patch 2020 is a modern software for the dental and orthodontist prosthesis features. The rapid work and simple maintaining will impress you.


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