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    More about Planmeca Romexis 6.2 (2021 year) cracked software

    Planmeca Romexis cracked version is a developed, easy-to-use software package that provides a wide range of tools that allows you to meet the needs for image processing and clinical data of any dental institution: from a small dental office to a large hospital. The package includes tools for working with all types of dental images: intraoral, panoramic, cephalometric, three-dimensional images, dental tomography, intraoral video recording, images from a digital camera. At the same time, the Planmeca Romexis package crack is not only a software package for image processing: it allows you to fully integrate digital image processing with patient data management, management of dental installations and other systems of a dental institution.

    Unified software for processing all images

    All patient-related images – intraoral and extraoral radiographs, scanned images, photographs, three-dimensional X-ray images, three-dimensional photographs, etc. – are displayed on a single interface. It is possible to freely view and process two-dimensional images, as well as manage three-dimensional images and their separation into layers in real time. There are tools that allow you to perform measurements in any plane of three-dimensional space – the measurement results can be easily called up for viewing. Images processed by the three-dimensional rendering method allow you to immediately get an overview of the patient’s anatomy – while images can be viewed from different projections. There are also opportunities to work with panoramic projections, transverse and axial layered images, images of dental canals, implant libraries.

    Increasing the usefulness of images with effective processing tools

    The complete set of tools provided by the Planmeca Romexis package for viewing, improving, measuring, constructing and annotating images allows you to increase the diagnostic value of radiographs. There is also a wide range of options for printing images, importing and exporting them. The Planmeca Romexis software package consists of several modules from which you can choose the most suitable ones. For example, the 3D Implant Planning module provides tools for precise placement of implants and nerve tracking. Placement of implants is planned using implant models – the sizes of these models correspond to the sizes of real implants.

    Maximum practicality

    The full cracked Planmeca Romexis package  provides integration of equipment from various manufacturers via the TWAIN interface, which is an industry standard. The DICOM standard is used for data exchange. The Planmeca Romexis package activated crack is developed based on the JAVA language – the package is compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. In addition, all images in the Planmeca Romexis package can be transferred to the iPhone and iPad with a single click of the corresponding button. The Planmeca Romexis Viewer program allows you to view and process images outside of a dental facility.

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