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    About Onyx Ceph cracked 2020 version

    After analyzing the TRG, calculating jaw models and studying the face, an important part of orthodontic treatment is its planning and control. A variety of complex methods for evaluating results have been created by several schools and allow the orthodontist to be confident in his diagnosis. Although, the application of some studies can be unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming. The current level of computerization of dental clinics creates the basis for the development of software for the analysis of digital images in orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. This in turn, on the one hand, increases the quality and reliability of the diagnosis, and on the other – reduces the cost of material, effort and time. These goals determined the development of a whole group of onyx programs for studying images.Mutual data exchange with the clinic management program is supported as well as with digital image sources so that integration into each configuration is possible.More than 80 survey methods of 8 image types are available in ONYX-Ceph. This library is constantly updated. The user can create individual image types, methods of examination and evaluation of results using special options. The survey process is simplified to the placement of landmarks on the image required for this survey. Identification of landmarks is facilitated by graphical tools and other features of the program. Up to 1000 test results can be saved for each patient. You can access this data at any time and print it out if necessary. It is also possible to share data over the network with technical experts and colleagues. Additional features make it easier to find patients and images thanks to individual features, graphical symbols and a tabular system.Software updates for registered users are free of charge and available over the Internet.Competence.The onyx-Ceph software concept has been developed and developed in collaboration with highly qualified orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, and programmers. The structure and algorithm of the database is determined by the main direction of actions in the formation of images for diagnostic purposes. All professional methods and tools of orthodontic diagnostics are described in the reference file, which was created to solve orthodontic problems. In addition, the great advantages are the flexible features of the program interface and easy adaptation of it directly to each user without interfering with the structure. With drivers and standard interfaces, Onyx Ceph ® is compatible with all commonly used digital image sources. Data transmission from control systems is supported by a user-friendly interface. Each onyx Ceph® installation creates a client from a virtual Onyx network that can participate in online or offline data exchange within laboratory services, training sessions, or projects implemented by multiple organizations.Additional functions allow you to select the patient according to the available characteristics and statistical assessment in tabular or graphical form.Profitability.To use Onyx Ceph®, the user simply has to pay an annual maintenance fee, which includes a network license for a maximum of five workstations, regular program updates and access to all available options at no additional cost or hidden costs.Friendliness.The user can always work with the current version of the program. In a timely manner, before the expiration of the license, the program automatically offers its renewal. If the license is not renewed, all existing results will remain fully available, but new research will not be available.

    Functions of the program

    Onyx Ceph® software includes components for the study of all major types of orthodontic images (lateral and frontal telerentgenograms, hand radiographs, jaw models and facial photographs), including: analysis of lateral TRG by more than 40 methods, VTO, modeling of orthoplastic operations. With some research, you can show the patient what their facial profile is supposed to look like after treatment. All results belonging to the selected patient can be processed using the same software toolkits and approaches to solving the assigned tasks. The image processing process is simplified and automated as much as possible in order to save time.Onyx Ceph® is compatible with all digital image input sources. It is also possible to integrate with the clinic management system. The results of the study can be transmitted via the Internet to colleagues or experts.3D module is being actively developed and implemented in the program. now, if you want and have certain capabilities, you can download, store and analyze three-dimensional images, such as CT scans, jaw models, and facial scans. Perhaps today it is not so relevant, but in the near future 3D will become the same reality as optg and TRG today

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