Maestro 3D patch 5.1 2020 crack

Maestro 3D patch 5.1 2020 crack

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    Modern Russian development

    The MAESTRO 3D printer is the latest Russian development and the first professional desktop 3D printer developed and manufactured in Perm. During its development, all the necessary conditions for speed and accuracy, reliability and ease of use were achieved – something that was lacking in previous generations of 3D printers.

    The body of the printer is made of a composite material that reduces the weight of the device and ensures that the heat remains inside the working chamber. The supporting structures are made of 1.5mm thick steel and provide the required rigidity. Forced convection and temperature stabilization are provided in the housing.

    The printer has an increased working space (240 x 240 x 295 mm) and quickly picks up the temperatures required for printing.

    Among the unique features of MAESTRO 3D 5.1 are:

    • Fully automatic plate calibration before printing. You don’t have to manually calibrate the table. The printer will do everything automatically
    • Filament motion sensor. Will instantly stop printing when it finishes, breaks, tangles or extrusion problems. After fixing the problem, printing will continue and your part is saved!
    • Power management system. At the end of printing and lowering temperatures, the printer will turn off the power loads and cooling fans, and then go into sleep mode without annoying the user with its noise and saving energy.
    • To manage the printer and prepare models for printing, the printer comes with its own Maestro Wizard software, which has pre-configured profiles for printing seven types of plastics.

    New software functionality:

    The brackets removal

    Now you can easily advise and transfer your patients from traditional brackets to your line of invisible clear aligners.

    Scan your patient’s teeth with wires and all, and digitally erase the brackets from the 3D model with the Ortho Studio software in a few minutes.


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