Maestro 3d Ortho Studio crack version 5 2020

Maestro 3d Ortho Studio crack version 5 2020

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    Specialized software in opened format

    Maestro 3D Ortho Studio is a specialized software package used in dentistry for the analysis, planning and monitoring of orthodontic treatment.

    The main advantage of Maestro 3D Ortho Studio is its open format. This means that the program is compatible with absolutely all types of digital scanners and 3D printers.

    Separation into several blocks

    The working area of ​​the program consists of several blocks, each of which carries certain tools.

    1. Home page. This block is intended for administration and ordering.
    2. Analysis and measurement. Unit for preparing models and performing diagnostic measurements before planning treatment.
    3. Virtual setting. With the help of instruments located in this block, orthodontic treatment is planned with various types of removable and non-removable structures.
    4. Restoration of teeth. An additional block designed for editing models, as well as modeling various types of non-removable structures.
    5. Video. The section contains a set of tools (video recording, screenshots) designed to visualize the final treatment model.

    Intuitive interface

    The program has a linear and intuitive interface. Thanks to the wizard mode, it is very easy to perform any operation. With a few simple manipulations, you can perform occlusal analysis, work in 2D / 3D formats, measure, segment teeth, and add 3D models of tooth roots and bone tissue.

    Maestro 3D Ortho Studio allows you to perform various measurements and process data in just a few minutes – this is essential for comprehensive analysis on a case-by-case basis.


    Maestro 3d Ortho Studio crack version 5 2020 is a cool tool for dentists and orthodontists. Fast work and quite simple usage will make your purchase successful. This software allows you to speed up your workflow and leave the client very happy after the session. People believe in what they see. Show the client a step-by-step treatment process and he will gain confidence in a positive result.


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