Maestro 3D Dental Studio software 2021 dongle crack

Maestro 3D Dental Studio software 2021 dongle crack

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    About crack Maestro 3D Dental Studio software 2021

    Maestro 3D Ortho Studio is a specialized software package designed specifically for checking, editing and analyzing orthodontic/dental research data and implementing various solutions in the field of digital medicine.


    With high scanning quality and optimal detail, this platform is one of the most convenient – it allows you to study the resulting image from various angles, using zooming and panning.


    The basic module is an excellent solution for creating an effective management system and information exchange between dentists and technical specialists, which guarantees the optimization of processes and qualitatively improves productivity.


    Main functions Maestro 3D Dental Studio activated crack:


    • Maintaining information about the patient, surgery and doctors using the AGE database;
    • Measurement tools: analysis of distances, intersections, dimensions, cross sections, three-dimensional comparisons, etc.;
    • Creation/ modification and stitching of a virtual base to the mandibular and maxillary arches;
    • Virtual setup with the ability to add attachments (positive/negative), brackets, labels (positive/negative), IPR (interproximal reduction), extraction, etc.;
    • Construction of transparent mouthguards (clear aligner);
    • Creating transparent trays for positioning braces, (bracket template / bracket tray);
    • Creating transparent transfer trays for transferring staples using a clip, (clip template / bite transfer);
    • Creation of bridges (up to 16 units) and crowns / crowns to order for dental restoration;
    • Video creation;
    • Export to open files ready for printing or milling;
    • SOFTWARE for viewing projects – to provide to your customers.

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