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    Overview of the main functions hyperDENT 9.2.5 activated full version and modules:

    Automatic list of designs

    • hyperDENT® cracked can be directly connected to the output file of the CAD system, which allows the CAM to automatically recognize new designs and include them in the list of designs for further processing and management.

    The “C” function of the holder

    • hyperDENT® full crack version supports holders that provide horizontal processing of structures (C-holder). Now it is possible to fully automate the use of lateral drilling and lateral machining of parts.

    Areas of undercurrents

    • Automatic detection of areas with undercuts saves time when processing inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas.

    Direction of introduction in cavities

    • Automatic detection of the direction of insertion in the cavities. hyperDENT® activated full version always determines the best possible direction of administration by avoiding and correcting undercutting.

    Trochoidal milling

    • With the help of “trochoidal milling” it is possible to achieve significant time savings in the manufacture of dental products from various materials. This is due to the controlled speed of material removal, as well as the extensive possibilities of further processing in hyperDENT® crack.

    Color gradient modeling (multi-layer disc)

    • The color of multi-layered colored blanks (multilayer disk) is transferred to the structure so that it can be positioned in the workpiece in accordance with the desired color gradient.

    Creating individual strategies

    • The hyperDENT® strategy Generator module allows you to create customized machining strategies for all types of parts, which can later be tested in a solid-state simulation. Thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface, an experienced CAM user can create and change processing strategies (i.e., cutting modes, tools, milling tasks).

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