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    The main module of Dolphin Imaging 12 cracked software. Allows you to manage photos, images, and X-rays. Create a presentation of the treatment plan in an accessible form for the patient using powerful and intuitively simple tools.

    • organizing patient photos in the desired sequence inside a standard template, a wide toolbar for image editing;
    • import of X-ray images and other images using the TWAIN standard, full integration with digital X-ray machines;
    • orthodontic and surgical modeling: rapid change of the contours of the patient’s profile to demonstrate the predicted result of treatment, modeling of frontal images, detailed drawing tools;
    • creating automatic cephalometric markup;
    • comparing images step by step in real time;
    • the ability to print X-rays at a scale of 1:1;
    • creating PowerPoint presentations;
    • improving the effectiveness of communication with the patient.

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