Digital Smile Design software 2021 dongle crack

Digital Smile Design software 2021 dongle crack

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    More Digital Smile Design (DSD) crack version

    Digital Smile Design (DSD) crack is a technology for planning aesthetic restoration of frontal teeth based on the use of a computer program for individual modeling of the intended result of treatment. In the future, it has been developed and can be used for planning both aesthetic and functional parts of the dentition.

    This method was assigned to the diagnostics section, because it can often be part of diagnostic measures as well. At the same time, it can be attributed to any section of dentistry related to the aesthetic side of treatment.

    Advantages of digital design

    The introduction of digital smile design technology in aesthetic and orthopedic dentistry facilitates the work of the dentist, DSD also brings its advantages for the patient.

    The main advantages of using DSD racked software technology in the planning of dental treatment:

    High degree of adaptation. DSD cracked programs, within their functional capabilities, allow taking into account any individual characteristics of the patient, the quality of the result remains high regardless of the condition and proportions of the teeth. Built-in libraries of teeth and smiles make it possible to satisfy various aesthetic needs.

    • The technology allows you to perform many tasks related to diagnostics and modeling, serves as a link in communication between the dentist, the patient and the dental laboratory.
    • The software is able to simulate restorations of varying complexity, there is a possibility of working with the complete absence of teeth on the jaw.
    • The speed of getting the result. The preliminary result of the simulation – the future appearance of the teeth will be obtained in just a few minutes, i.e. during the consultation. The result of functional modeling in one or two days.
    • To carry out the digital design of a smile, you do not need complex and cumbersome equipment, you only need a camera and a computer with software. Time makes corrections. Functional modeling will require the use of a 3D face scanner, however, this class of equipment is rapidly becoming more accessible.
    • The calculations obtained as a result of modeling guarantee a harmonious combination of the size and shape of teeth with facial features, while maintaining the natural functionality of the dentition.
    • Patient involvement in the process. One of the main advantages. The patient takes a direct part in the creation and discussion of the treatment plan, thanks to the capabilities of the software, he can be sure that his wishes regarding his appearance will be heard and correctly interpreted by the dentist.
    • Even before the restoration work begins, the patient sees his new smile, forms realistic expectations of the result of treatment.
    • Good level of communication. The task created by the attending physician and the patient is transferred to the dental laboratory in a visualized form, so there is no misunderstanding of the final result on the part of the dental technician.
    • Compatible with CAD/CAM systems. The software data is exported to any CAD/CAM system that is used for making restorations (for example, the CEREC system). Based on the smile project created using DSD technology, taking into account the functional placement of teeth, navigation templates are made and implants are installed.
    • Predictability of the treatment result. Restorations carried out using Digital Smile Design technology exactly correspond to the patient’s wishes, the result of treatment never disappoints.

    Thus, the same features of the technology allow you to get various benefits for both the patient and the doctor.

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