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    • Supports fast and accurate implant treatment planning, virtual simulation and surgical guide design using high quality 3D imaging, high accuracy alignment, and high performance of digital design.
    • Provides flexible digital workflow stages that can be adapted to suit user’s purpose – Scan, Plan, Design, and Print.
    • Provides the advanced temporary crown design
    • Support the various patient clinical indications including fully or partially edentulous cases
    • Generation of 3D printing model base for pre-operative check the treatment planning
    • Easy management of implant libraries, in addition to offer various implant libraries
    • Economical software fee policy based on pay-per-print payment model
    • New! Quick installation and easy registration of software with web based licensing mechanism
    • Interoperability with global web service platforms that allows dental clinics to order guide design and print offerings to dental labs
    • Support of various types of assembled guide for more accurate implant treatment of fully edentulous case

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