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    DDS-Pro cracked 2020 version

    A powerful, affordable software solution helps dentists make surgical templates.

    Surgical templates are produced in a matter of hours, not weeks. All you need to create a high – quality surgical template is a CT scan, a 3D impression, our software and access to a 3D printer, or cooperation with a milling center. This is the highest quality of implantation surgery for patients. Surgical templates improve the accuracy and speed of the implantation operation, and they also reduce the discomfort for the patient. They help dentists with little experience in implantology achieve better results with more confidence, and patients can be assured of better dental care. By reducing the cost of surgical templates, you can offer more affordable implants for your patients.

    Flexible solution DDS-Pro cracked version

    You can produce a surgical template in the workplace or collaborate with existing dental laboratories with DDS-Pro. You can invest in a 3D printer or postpone this step. But why rely on the human factor and the manual skill of many people to create a surgical template when the entire process can be digitized, leaving no room for error.


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