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    The Cerec crack system in dentistry is a complex of procedures, devices, materials and techniques for fast and effective prosthetics. The abbreviation translates as aesthetic and economical ceramic prosthetics. The technology was invented in the last century in Switzerland, and now belongs to the American company Dentsply Sirona.

    According to the traditional method, dentures are created for several days: first, casts are taken manually, after which the parameters are transferred to the dental laboratory, where the technician exposes the necessary data and creates a design. The Cerec system is based on computer modeling and automation: all stages – from taking casts and calculations to making a crown – are converted to digital format. Thanks to this, the patient receives a new crown on the day of treatment!

    Advantages of prosthetics on the Cerec cracked system in dentistry:

    • Time. The most important advantage of the system. Instead of two or three visits, wearing a plastic temporary prosthesis or waiting for a new crown with a “hole” in the mouth, the patient receives a design on the day of treatment in just a couple of hours.
    • Accuracy. In the traditional manufacture of prostheses, a large percentage of the probability of error is occupied by the human factor — even the most qualified specialist can make a mistake in calculations, and the loss of only one tenth of a millimeter threatens loose fitting of the crown or violation of the closure of teeth. Digital modeling and an automatic machine guarantee the accuracy of calculations and the production of an ideal prosthesis, and a virtual planner allows you to see the future result already at the initial stage.
    • Comfort. There is no need to use an impression mass, powder, paper, force the patient to bite the plaster and wait for solidification with his mouth open. Digital removal of casts takes less than a minute.
    • Long service life. Due to the accuracy of calculations, jewelry grinding and high-quality baking, Cerec prostheses provide a tight fit and structural strength — they will last much longer than traditional products.
    • Aesthetics. Computer modeling allows you to choose a color that fully corresponds to the patient’s enamel, as well as to work out all the bumps and grooves — the prostheses do not differ from the patient’s native teeth, they look natural and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Quality. As a rule, specialists use materials recommended by the manufacturer for their work. The Cerec zirconium dioxide and ceramic blocks are ideal for the grinding machine and furnace of the complex, in addition, all materials are certified and tested for quality, do not cause allergies and have a large color range for choosing the optimal shade of the future prosthesis.


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