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    3Shape CAMbridgeTM crack 2021 program allows you to automatically prepare digital laboratory models for production using the appropriate material and production equipment. CAMbridgeTM dump cracked version not only helps to reduce the need for labor resources and qualification requirements for specialists, but also allows for more rational use of materials and significantly increase productivity due to the possibility of simultaneous manufacture of several products.

    • CAM software with support for 5-axis milling strategies

    You can increase the processing speed, get very clear edges, and achieve a perfect fit, while minimizing the need for a final manual fit. You have the opportunity to apply milling strategies with support for continuous processing of up to 5 axes for all relevant materials and dental structures using glass ceramics, zirconium dioxide, etc. Full support for working with files in the STL format is available.

    • Optimized for model making equipment and wax printers

    Automatic preparation includes optimal placement and orientation, creation of supports, order management, as well as installation and maintenance of communication with equipment. Adaptive grouping allows you to automatically combine orders into groups that can be identified by names or clinics. The location rules ensure that products are automatically combined on the printing platform. For the convenience of recognition, separators can be created between them.

    • Automatic preparation process for laser sintering plants

    It includes optimal placement (including on platforms of different sizes), a unique process of creating supports and beams, splitting into sections and hatching contours, as well as adding identification labels. The unique support structure minimizes deformation during subsequent sintering and is easily removed. You can schedule the simultaneous production of multiple orders and distribute calculations to the slave machine to speed up the processing process.

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