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    Increased efficiency and less waiting time

    New and existing automated functions are now running in the background. This significantly reduces the waiting time and allows the user to focus more on the design and clinical aspects of the case.

    More effective cooperation on specific cases

    The treatment Review allows doctors to clearly communicate their treatment vision to laboratories and at the touch of a button allows the laboratory to show its treatment proposal to the clinic for approval.

    Better case management

    Orthodontists now have a clear understanding of the cases that require attention and where they are in the relevant work processes.

    Powerful pre-production

    The hollowing out of the models is automated, and the application of wax to the interproximal pockets and to fill the gaps between the teeth is performed digitally and automatically.

    New payment-for-use model

    For exporting models, points are now awarded with payment for use. When using one of these functions, an additional fee is charged:

    • New automatic segmentation
    • Treatment overview
    • New production improvement functions, such as waxing, hollowing, etc.

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